Thursday, 28 February 2013

Tag on when looking for a bike of your choice

Motorcycling has turned out to be a fun and craze amid Dubai youths. So, having an own bike is measured to be a pride for those who love to trip across the nation. Buying a motorbike is not that much expensive in Dubai, if it is a new one or a used one. First and most vital thing which you require to purchase a motorbike is to have a residence visa in Dubai. If you have a visa the next thing is to make a choice on the type of bike you need and also the budget. If you are done with making a decision about the type and budget, fix on whether to buy a new bike from a local trader, used bike from a used bike trader or to buy it from a private person.

dubai bike

If you are about to buy a new bike from a local dealer, you can choose from a variety of models without much price variation. They will bid you a free insurance or a free registration on purchase.  But you can put aside a significant amount of money if you buy from a used bike dealer. Only two things must be in your intellect, condition of the bike and the owner details. Do not go for a payment until you get satisfied. Go for a test drive and ask about the service history, accidents if any, mileage etc. Do the same even if you are buying it from a private owner. Don't worry if you can't handle it. 8keyz is there to help you with all your doubts and will help you with the exact practice in buying a bike of your pick.

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