Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Stuff these in your mind when you purchase a car insurance

If you are a UAE resident with over 25 years of age definitely you will get car insurance. And also your Car must not be less than 7 year old. A variety of choices have to be made prior to buy car insurance. You must know the kind of insurance coverage you are about to purchase and how much you can afford as payment. 

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If you choose a best insurance company, half of your effort gets lowered. Collect information about the maximum amount that the company is willing to pay in case of accident, the off road covers for your car, if you love to drive off road.  Ask about the issue of named driver on insurance policy, as most of the insurance companies are charging up to 25% when the car collides if it is driven by a named driver. Enquire about the issue of excess, i.e. the extra amount that must be paid when concerned with any accidents.

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