Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Car Rental - a booming service in Emirates

Car rental, Car hire and Auto hire zones have now turn out to be an opening for UAE to be a superior in the fast growing automotive industry. It is estimated that UAE vehicle souk constitutes of 1.4 million vehicles and it grows yearly by 10%. Japan, US and Europe are its significant motor vehicle dealers as it has no conjugal automotive industry for own make up. Dubai has been captivating the vehicle market with around 50% of the vehicles stock.
Auto parts and machinery zone is also getting a rumble along with the automotive industry. Around 65% of the auto parts and frills have been imported and re-exported to other countries and Dubai is rising by around 20% per annum in the same. Middle East, Africa and East Europe are the primary destination for these re-exports.

UAE has managed to place itself in auto hire, car rent, car hire and used car services in the Middle East with around 200 showrooms in Dubai. The UAE marketplace for used cars has revealed an amazing growth in its pace. Used car service really helps tourists who are getting nearer to see the legendary beauty of UAE.  
Driving has turned out to be the number one craze and pursuit among UAE citizens. So, insurance became the utmost need in UAE. Emirates have an extensive collection of Insurance Companies and car insurance turn out to be the most widespread insurance policies that are obtainable by the insurance agencies.

 car rent dubai

The car rental companies in UAE are eminent for its rent a car and auto hire services. They offer an extensive choice of vehicle features to prefer from.  Those who wish for a luxurious voyage can choose from a broad pick of top line luxury cars and coaches. UAE car rent, car hire and Auto hire industries are getting a rapid progression nowadays and within no time will turn out to be a supreme power.

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