Tuesday, 26 February 2013

How to sell a car in Dubai?

So many things are there to keep in mind before putting your car for sale in Dubai. The first and most important among them is NOT to admit an individual cheque as payment for your car, as there are chances that it may bounce back and the cheque holder could not be sketched.
Note down the below stuff also:

  •     Should check the status of your car loan and clear off all the finances before selling it.
  •     Putting an advertisement notice on the car window is illegal.
  •     Formulate an ad only in supermarket notice boards, online websites, newspapers and magazines.
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Just after getting paid, go to the RTA office along with the buyer and transfer your registration and also your insurance.  For getting your registration transferred, go to an car insurance company and cease the policy of the current owner. After getting it ceased you should be able to transfer your registration to the new owner and a new card is issued. If you are not able to transfer the policy, the buyer will get an insurance cover.
A variety of online automotive stores like 8keyz are there to help you out in selling a car and getting paid well. It is a well known insurance provider too. You can refer those sites and clear your doubts.

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