Thursday, 28 February 2013

Be sure with your insurance before going for a ride

Road accidents are common in Dubai and are the chief cause behind human death. So, it is essential that, you must own at least the minimum level of motor insurance coverage, the third party liability, for all your vehicles in Dubai. The third party liability clause supports the third party and says that the owner will be responsible for the death or damage caused to his/her property.
Driving devoid of insurance is a severe offence in Dubai. You will be put in traffic court if caught. If you met with an accident while uninsured, you have to pay whatsoever the court oblige as fine and will have to pay for the patch up too. If you have not enough money to pay for, you will be putting in jail. Everything will go precise, if you are guided by an experienced hand like 8keyz. We will lead you through the exact procedures in getting your vehicle insured.

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