Friday, 8 March 2013

UAE; the blooming automotive hub round the globe

Middle East is measured to be the brilliant souk for automobile producers when compared to the North. So UAE has become one of the favourite souks for automobile companies round the globe. UAE’s total trade-in for the zone during 2008 was roughly $16.9bl, of which 77% was imports and the rest were re-exports. The prime targets for these re-exports are Middle East, Africa and East Europe. Japan, Europe and the US are its targets for imports. The automobile industry has become more and more consistent, so as the level of competition. Automotive companies are altering their production from developed countries to developing countries. 30% of the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) total has been captivated by UAE. The chief auto suppliers for UAE are Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Honda, Mercedes, BMW, Volkswagen, Ford and General Motors. Automotive component sector is also getting a bang in UAE.

dubai auto

Dubai, one of the major cities in UAE is well recognized for its fabulous role in the automobile industry with one car for 1.84 residents. The average vehicle occupancy rate for Dubai is approximately 1.7. Dubai has the finest rate of car ownership than any other city in the world. Dubai  automotive industry lacks own built-up units and most of the vehicles and automotive tires and parts are imported for domestic usage. Trade hurdles drop and the lowest shipping costs marked a remarkable change in UAE’s automotive industry. So it has fascinated the whole automotive industries across the globe.

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