Friday, 8 March 2013

Explore the world; rent-a-car is on a pound

Car hire is expected to be the most expedient means to travel across UAE. But if you want to drive athwart UAE, you need to have an international driving license. Some of the rental companies would not be adamant on the same, but some do. Before going for a car hire, you must review the available vehicles and its rate through their websites and choose an agent that suits you. Hold back a car that is apt for you. The final step is to produce the license proof, credit card and other documents and you can avail the vehicle that you have reserved.
AbuDhabi, the capital city of UAE has also an eye on car rental service. You can find major car rental companies in AbuDhabi. They have the most reliable and greater capacity of vehicles. They will reward you with 24-hour assistance in the registration, maintenance, replacement and insurance of the vehicle. AbuDhabi entails strict rules for parking a vehicle in the city. You can park your vehicle only for 4 hours and it costs AED 3 per hour. Parking meters are there to put time limits for parking in public spaces. You must obey the rules otherwise you will be put in jail.
The simplest and cheapest way to travel in Dubai is with taxis and rental cars. So, it has got a crucial role in the car rental industry. You can take a trip from street to street paying only that comes out in the meter. Key car hire companies like 8keyz are there at Dubai for renting a car that you prefer. The normal rate for renting a car in Dubai is around 180 dirham’s per day. But, before going for a drive keep in mind that you have fastened you seat belts. You are allowed to use mobile phones only with a hand free device and must maintain right side of the road. Dubai is a busiest city and accidents are most common. So you must take care of yourself while on the road.
Car loans are to be had for those without enough funding. You can have a car loan as per Central Bank regulations from a bank or from a finance company. The condition is your bank loan must not go beyond 80% of the value of the financed car. You must pay back your loan within a period of 60 months. The loan amount reckons on your income and the period of the loan. So you must enquire about the period of car loan and how much you can get. Some banks are ready to give loans for used cars also. Passport, visa and proof of identity are the essential documents to be produced for a car loan. As one can hire a car for the cheapest rate, everyone is going for it as a means of trek. So car hire is an efficient way for those who wish to cut down their travel expense.

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