Monday, 24 June 2013

Luxury Car Rentals; The right choice for an exotic drive

UAE car rental zone has effectively navigated crucial economic times and an improved demand for budget vehicles, with continued growth estimate by new research. UAE’s persistent economic insecurity has altered the rent a car background, presenting new challenges, but also break ups, to rent car companies.

After years of catering largely to a luxury travel market, UAE has marked up a rise in budget travel. And it has demanded car rental companies in Dubai to expand their fleets to take in more cost-effective vehicles. You can avail rental cars by the hour as well as by the day that goes well with your budget travel in UAE. Customers in UAE wish to go for a lavish lifestyle despite of tightened purse-strings. So, car rent companies in UAE, particularly in Dubai remain reactive to the market.

Luxury car market in Dubai is strong and growing on the back of rising levels of non-refundable income.  Dubai luxury car sales continue to boom with the country becoming the top global market. UAE car rental sector is growing as many more buyers are becoming cost aware amid the global financial decline. Most of the traders are trying to call for price-savvy hire a car customer by offering finance plans that let them widen their expenses out over longer periods.

UAE tend to have tough demand across the sub-segments of the luxury car hire market. Middle East represents 1-2% of global luxury car sales despite of robust growth and the potential for further rise in sales. Renting a car, especially a luxurious one is hassle free in Dubai. When you rent a UAE luxury car, you get the chance to drive into the diverse area of UAE and its traditional side. You can go for a monthly car rental too if you need a luxury car for long. Car rental providers like 8keyz will always help you out with all your queries when going for a car hire.

UAE’s relatively small size and large road-based shipping infrastructure, coupled with the absence of domestic airlines, the need for rental cars remain high. Car rental companies have been enforced to cut down their prices and an increase in car loan denial has marked the demand for a rental car. So, renting a car has turned out to be more reasonable than buying a car.

Moreover, the current economic climate has led more UAE nationals to go for domestic holidays and it has had a positive blow on the car rental market. Dubai luxury car sales are expected to rise in coming years by 20 percentages in 2013 due to the strong buying power in the region. UAE will no doubt evolve as an attractive market for rental luxury cars.

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